A new storage approach for 3D Modeling

AUTHORS: Paul Gabriel, Jan Gietzel, Le Hai Ha, Prof. Helmut Schaeben

ABSTRACT: In a spatial data infrastructure an uncomplicated but secured access to the data is tremendous. A webportal can help to overcome the limitations that emerge from the use of highly sophisticated and platform dependent software packages. Latest internet technologies allow to port applications from the desktop to the web browsers. Using WebGL technology makes it possible to visualize 3D geomodels in real time and lets the user interact with the model. Combining this approach with a check in and check out system makes a distributed editing of the data possible.
Using “Geosciences in Space and Time” (GST) it is possible to check out the demanded region for edits. Thus several people can work simultaneously on the same model. By working on parts of the object the institutions are enabled to manage huge models like countrywide subsurface geology. Likewise 2D map services the seamless 3D models can be requested tile based in several spatial resolutions. Instead of using the common approach of a fixed tiling a large area GST stores a seamless model in a data base providing a history management.

KEYWORDS: Data management, team work, presentation

EAN: SGA_2013_A016
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