3D geochemical modelling of hydrothermal alteration related to 1.89 Ga VHMS-type deposits, Kristineberg area, Skellefte District, Sweden

AUTHORS: Riia M. Chmielowski, Nils Jansson, Mac Fjellerad Persson, Pia Fagerström, Pär Weihed

ABSTRACT: A 3D geochemical model of the Kristineberg area of the Skellefte District, Sweden, is currently under construction, utilizing data from more than 1600 regionally distributed whole-rock lithogeochemical samples. The model will improve our understanding of the formation the VHMS deposits in this area. The model is built by mapping geochemical variations in 3D, and using this as a basis for modelling hydrothermal alteration in the unsampled portions of the rock column. A better understanding of the geometry, intensity, vectors of transport, and zonation of the hydrothermal zones in 3D will aid deep exploration for massive sulphide deposits in the Kristineberg area, and may potentially lead to new discoveries.

KEYWORDS: 3D geochemical model, Skellefte district, VHMS, hydrothermal alteration, mass balance, fluid flow

EAN: SGA_2013_A014
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