Theory of metallogenic systems: principles and applications to mineral exploration

AUTHORS: Zhai Yusheng, Deng Jun, Wang Jianping, Peng Runmin, Liu Zhenjiang

ABSTRACT: The theory of metallogenic systems combines systematic thinking and historical thinking. There are four principles in the theory of metallogenic systems: (1) Major types of metallogenic system are classified by tectono-dynamic system; (2) Coupling of many factors and criticality- transition is basic ore-forming mechanism; (3) Ore deposit series and anomaly series constitute the mineralization network; (4) The evolutionary process of a single ore deposit includes its formation, transformation and -preservation. The holistic, spatial, temporal and historical analysis of a metallogenic system can provide guiding information for regional mineral exploration.

KEYWORDS: metallogenic systems, mineral exploration, holistic analysis, spatial analysis, temporal analysis, historical analysis

EAN: SGA_2013_A008
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