Successful mineral exploration using multispectral remote sensing data - ASTER Geoscience Map of Australia

AUTHORS: Carsten Laukamp, Tom Cudahy, Mike Caccetta, Matilda Thomas, Dorothy Close, Rudy Lennartz

ABSTRACT: Mineral maps, derived from multispectral remote sensing data, have been successfully applied for mineral exploration in the Jervois area of the eastern Arunta Region (Northern Territory, Australia). Muscovite, chlorite and biotite, associated with known polymetallic hydrothermal ore deposits, were targeted using the AlOH and MgOH/C Group maps of the continental Australian ASTER Geoscience Products developed by CSIRO's Centre of Excellence for 3D Mineral Mapping and supported by Australian state geological surveys and Geoscience Australia. The spatial distribution of these indicator minerals indicates mafic rocks of the Attutra Metagabbro as a potential source of mineralising fluids for known mineral occurrences. Furthermore, new Au occurrences have been found along the potential fluid pathways, in areas that were not regarded as prospective before. Our study shows that regional scale, moderate resolution remote sensing data sets can be used to discover not only hydrothermal alteration patterns but also new previously unknown mineral occurrences in greenfields environments, when applied in combination with a mineral systems model. We propose that multispectral data can improve exploration targeting and save resources at the same time. 

KEYWORDS: ASTER, exploration, mineral mapping

EAN: SGA_2013_A006
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