A classification of uranium sources

AUTHORS: Maurice Pagel

ABSTRACT: The source of uranium and associated metals is an important issue in prospecting. A genetic model of formation of uranium deposits implies knowledge of the source. Therefore, the sources of uranium and associated metals must be studied in different geological contexts. The concept of fertility was introduced by Marcel Moreau in 1966 for granitic rocks having average U content higher than the crustal average, this uranium being located in uraninite crystals easily leachable in oxidizing conditions. In this extended abstract a genetic classification of the different uranium sources is proposed: (1) the active sources, (2) the immediate passive sources, (3) the time-postponed passive sources, (4) the transitional passive sources and (5) the pre-mineralized sources. It is emphasized that a succession of pre-concentrations could occur and that all metals do not necessarily come from the same source.

KEYWORDS: uranium, sources, classification, genetic model, fertility

EAN: SGA_2011_A015
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