Geochemistry and petrogenesis of granites in the Qiagong skarn deposit, Tibet, China

AUTHORS: Yingxu Li, Yuling Xie, Lamei Li, Simon C. Dominy, Guangming Li, Li Zhang

ABSTRACT : Qiagong skarn deposit is genetically related to monzogranite porphyry formed during the initial collision of India-Asia continent. Based on petrological and petrochemical results, this paper discusses the origin of the granitic rocks and their geodynamical setting. The results imply that the granites in this area are derived from both mantle and continental crust. The crustal source is amphibolite and hornblende eclogite, with rutile and plagioclase in residual phases. The mantle source of the monzogranite porphyry is via upwelling through the tearing window of the subducted Neo-Tethys slab.

KEYWORDS: Geochemistry, petrogenesis, Qiagong skarn, initial collision, metallogenesis

EAN: SGA_2011_A013
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