Gold-silver Okhotsk–Chukchi volcanic belt, Northeast Russia

AUTHORS: Alexander V. Volkov, Anatoly A. Sidorov, Victor Yu Alexeev, Natalia E. Savva

ABSTRACT : The Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanic belt (OChVB) formed over 25 Ma from the middle Albian to the Cenomanian at the boundary of the continental Verkhoyansk-Chukotka and the Koryak-Kamchatka collages of terranes as a special tectonic unit of the Earth’s crust composed of subaerial volcanic rocks extending for 3000 km. In regard to the oceanic margin, the inner, outer, and flank zones of the OChVB have been recognized. Porphyry copper–molybdenum deposits are concentrated in the inner zone. The outer zone is characterized by gold–silver ore mineralization and a variety of tin deposits. Silver-base-metal deposits (Dukat, Lunny, Arylakh) are confined to the rift-related volcanic trough that complicates the OChVB between the Yana-Kolyma and Omolon terranes. The large Kupol, Dvoinoi and Svetly deposit were discovered in recent years.

KEYWORDS: Volcanic belts, gold, silver, deposits, genetic features

EAN: SGA_2011_A011
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