Geology and Mineralisation of the Rocklands Copper-Cobalt-Gold Deposits, Cloncurry District, North West Queensland, Australia

AUTHORS: Simon Beams

The Rocklands deposits represent a significant near surface discovery in the outcropping portion of the Proterozoic Mt Isa Inlier. Several linear copper, cobalt, gold lodes are present which are currently receiving extensive geological evaluation. The general geological setting and style of mineralisation is described. The deposits are structurally controlled occurring in linear, dilatant mineralized channel ways. There is a close association with steeply dipping dolerite dykes which cut, at a high angle, the shallow dipping predominantly siliciclastic host metasedimentary sequence. Infill of both vein material and hydrothermal breccia occur, together with slivers of apparently in situ shattered and altered wall rock. In the primary zone, the moderate to high temperature mineral assemblage consists of chalcopyrite, pyrite, magnetite, actinolite, calcite, quartz, biotite, with minor cobalt sulphides. Leaching, deep oxidation and supergene enrichment of copper has resulted in some very high grade zones with spectacular development of native copper and chalcocite accompanied by higher gold grades.

KEYWORDS: Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Native Copper, Supergene, Dilatant Structures, Hydrothermal Breccia, IOCG

EAN: SGA_2009_A015
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