New advances in Exploration Techniques Applied to Unconformity Uranium and IOCGs

AUTHORS: Richard Valenta

Unconformity Uranium and Iron Oxide Copper Gold Uranium Deposits are an extremely important source of the world’s uranium.  They are technically challenging and expensive exploration targets that are mostly now being pursued under significant cover.  There is currently no reliable method for direct detection of covered unconformity uranium orebodies, but there have been significant improvements in geological, geochemical and geophysical approaches for the detection of haloes developed around the orebodies.  Exploration for IOCGU deposits has enjoyed a number of recent successes, mainly due to the application of detailed gravity surveying and to an improved understanding of magnetite-hematite zoning within the deposit class.

KEYWORDS: unconformity, iron oxide, uranium, copper, gold, exploration, cover

EAN: SGA_2009_A013
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