Magma Fertility and Mineralisation

AUTHORS: David Cooke, Paul Kitto, Anthony Harris, Zhaoshan Chang, Jamie Wilkinson, Clara Wilkinson, Pete Hollings and James Webster

Magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits form in association with a broad spectrum of calc-alkaline to alkaline magmas, from mafic through to highly evolved granitic compositions. Apart from their affiliation with high grade mineralisation, in many cases there is little or nothing obvious geochemically that distinguishes the ‘fertile’ mineralising intrusions from their non-fertile counterparts. Fertilisation of a magma and production of high grade ore requires a conjunction of favourable factors. These include plate tectonic processes, effective volatile exsolution during magma crystallisation, structural phenomena and disequilibrium (mixing) processes.

KEYWORDS: Magmatic, hydrothermal, geodynamics, volatiles, exsolution, mineralisation

EAN: SGA_2009_A003
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