Platinum-Group Minerals (PGM) from lode and placers deposits from the Uktus concentrically-zoned intrusive complex (Central Urals, Russia)

AUTHORS: Zaccarini, F., Pushkarev, E., Dvornik, G.P., Garuti, G., Bigi, S.

ABSTRACT: Platinum group elements (PGE) are rare and strategic metals with high market prices. Their worldwide production derives mainly from magmatic ores, although Alaska and Russia produced quantities of platinum from placers deposits. A description and comparison of Platinum-group minerals PGM occurring in lode (dunite-chromitites) and placers deposits of the concentrically zoned complex of Uktus (Central Urals) is provided. PGM from lode and placer deposits are mineralogically similar consisting mainly of Pt-Fe-Cu and Ru-Os-Ir alloys with minor other PGM. The main difference resides in the PGM size, generally less than 20 and more than 500 microns in lode minerals and nuggets respectively. Most of the PGM from both lode and nuggets were affected by alteration processes. The PGM from Uktus lode deposits represent only a future target for PGE recovery, whereas those from the placers have some economic importance even now.

KEYWORDS: Platinum-group elements, Platinum-group minerals, concentrically-zoned complex, Uktus, Urals.

EAN: SGA_2007_A389
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