Investigation of Platinum-group minerals (PGM) from Pindos and Vourinos chromitites (Greece) using new technology

AUTHORS: Kapsiotis, A., Grammatikopoulos, T.A., Tsikouras, B., Hatzipanagiotou, K., Zaccarini, F., Garuti, G.

ABSTRACT: Low-grade Platinum group elements (PGE) within podiform chromitites from the Vourinos and Pindos ophiolite complexes have been investigated using the hydroseparation new technology, with the aim to determine the nature of the associated Platinum group minerals (PGM). The obtained results reveal that this new methodology is a very useful tool to concentrate a representative proportion of PGM, even in low PGE grade samples. In particular, our results show that PGM from concentrate are different (i.e., grain size, type of PGM) from those reported from in situ investigation and several PGM phases previously unrecorded in the investigated chromitites have been recognized herein. However, the traditional in situ investigation is also recommended to obtain textural information on the PGM.

KEYWORDS: Platinum-group minerals, podiform chromitites, hydroseparation, Pindos-Vourinos, Greece.

EAN: SGA_2007_A388
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