Characterization of mineral distribution and remaining pore spaces in fine laminated, partially cemented mine tailings

AUTHORS: Fiege, A., Graupner, T.

ABSTRACT: Fine laminated oxidized tailings with cemented layers formed at a low sulphide and low carbonate mine tailings dam within the polymetallic sulphide mine district of Freiberg (Germany) have been studied in detail. EDAX mapping and subsequent data processing (AnalySIS©) were used to estimate the distribution characteristics of major primary and secondary mineral phases and of open or partially filled pores in the cemented/unconsolidated sediment layers for a typical depth profile (~2cm long). This profile showed strong contrasts at mm scale. As a result, different types of cemented layers could be clearly defined in the oxidized zone. Furthermore, the results contribute to a better understanding of the effects of cemented layer formation for the retention of contaminants (especially As) within the oxidized tailings.

KEYWORDS: tailings dam, Freiberg mine district, cemented layer, mineral and pore distribution

EAN: SGA_2007_A315
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