Porphyry Copper Potential of Tethyan Magmatic Arcs of Afghanistan

AUTHORS: Doebrich, J.L., Ludington, S., Peters, S.G., Finn, C.A., Mars, J.C., Rowan, L.C., Stoeser, D.B., King, T.M., Eppinger, R.G., Wasy, A., Younusi, M.O.

ABSTRACT: Triassic, Cretaceous, and Palaeogene to Miocene intrusive and volcanic rocks represent areas where porphyry copper deposits may exist in Tethyan magmatic arcs in Afghanistan. A synthesis of geologic, mineral deposit, aerogeophysical, remote sensing, and geochemical data delineates regions permissive for undiscovered porphyry copper deposits. The Makran arc, Zarkashan, and Kundaylan regions have the greatest potential for undiscovered porphyry copper deposits. Concealed segments of magmatic arcs in southern Afghanistan, defined from aeromagnetic data, also represent prospective targets for exploration.

KEYWORDS: Porphyry copper, Afghanistan, Tethys, magmatic arc

EAN: SGA_2007_A032
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