Porphyry copper gold deposits at Reko Diq Complex, Chagai Hills Pakistan

AUTHORS: Razique, A., Lo Grasso, G., Livesey, T.

ABSTRACT: Reko Diq volcano-magmatic igneous complex is developed in the Western Chagai Belt associated with continental margin subduction tectonics. It lies in a multiphase intrusion complex within the inner rim of a major eroded strato-volcano. Several multiphase porphyry copper - gold systems of dioritic to tonalitic composition were emplaced in a volcano- sedimentary sequence during the Oligocene - Miocene. Porphyry deposits in Reko Diq exhibit concentric patterns of alteration from potassic cores extending outward to intermediate argillic silica-sericite-chlorite, phyllic and propylitic zones. Both hypogene chalcopyrite-bornite and supergene chalcocite style mineralization is developed in Reko Diq porphyry complex. A global copper-gold resource of 2.4 billion tonnes @ 0.51% Cu and 0.27g/t Au has been calculated to date.

KEYWORDS: porphyry, alteration, mineralization, sulphides

EAN: SGA_2007_A031
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