The Inlice High-sulphidation Epithermal Gold Discovery: Defining a Potential New Gold Belt in Turkey

AUTHORS: Hall, D.J., Foster, R.P., Yildiz, B., Redwood, S.D.

ABSTRACT: Inlice is a new high-sulphidation epithermal gold prospect in the Erenler Dağı Volcanic Belt in western Anatolia, Turkey, in an area with no previously known gold. Mineralization is associated with vuggy and sugary quartz in steeply dipping, structurally controlled silica ledges which cut an andesitic volcanic dome. The main Ana Ledge has an average grade of 2.94 g/t gold over a length of 600 meters and width of 18.0 meters, based on drilling. Following the Inlice discovery, Aster imagery was used to identify at least six other major advanced argillic lithocaps in the Erenler Dağı belt with potential for epithermal and porphyry mineralization, including the Doğanbey prospect where porphyry gold-molybdenum mineralization outcrops beneath the lithocap. The Erenler Dağı belt is similar to the Maricunga belt of Chile which contains over 40 Moz gold, yet twenty years ago had no discoveries.

KEYWORDS: Turkey; Inlice; Gold; High-sulphidation Epithermal; Lithocap; Maricunga

EAN: SGA_2007_A028
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