Fossil Nickel Laterites in the Ophiolite Belts of the Alpine- Himalayan System: Case Studies of the Balkan Region

AUTHORS: Masurenko, C., Tanaskovic, D.

ABSTRACT: The Alpine-Himalayan System, which stretches from NW Serbia through Albania, Macedonia and Greece into Turkey and further to Iran, hosts some significant nickel bearing soils and sediments that could only occur under severe tropical weathering conditions. Ultramafic rocks such as dunite, harzburgite and more importantly serpentinite are the protoliths of lateritic zones, and play an important role in the development of Ni-bearing sediments or Ni-laterite. Serpentinite is a common product of hydrothermal alteration of olivine in the presence of water at temperatures between 200–500o C.

KEYWORDS: ophiolites, serpentinite, nickel laterite

EAN: SGA_2007_A026
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