The Atlas zinc-lead province and analogies within the Tethyan zinc belt

AUTHORS: Reynolds, N.A., Mackay, W.

ABSTRACT: The Atlas district from Morocco through Algeria to Tunisia hosts very extensive zinc-lead mineralization, mainly in carbonate rocks, though few large deposits are known to date. Mineralization is related to fluid flow accompanying Miocene deformation and uplift, with deposits hosted in rocks from Triassic to late Miocene age. The Atlas province forms part of the Tethyan zinc belt which encompasses several large and globally significant zinc provinces from the Mediterranean to China. The belt includes atypical carbonate-hosted deposits, including deposits with likely input from magmatic systems formed within foreland thrust belts. The Atlas is no exception, and Miocene zinc-lead mineralization was approximately synchronous with alkaline bimodal volcanism and associated gold-polymetallic mineralization. Despite a long mining history, the Atlas district like much of the Tethyan belt has had limited exploration and still holds high potential for new worldclass discoveries.

KEYWORDS: zinc, Atlas, Tethys, carbonate-hosted

EAN: SGA_2007_A025
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