Challenges and opportunities for teaching, research and employment in Economic Geology – A UK Higher Education Perspective.

AUTHORS: Roberts, S.

ABSTRACT: Each year in the region of ~1100 students in the UK enter undergraduate degree programs within the broad field of Geoscience including Geology and Geophysics. The best graduates from UK Geoscience departments hold core geological skills, informed and accredited by Professional Societies and Agencies and a range of key skills, which significantly promote their employability. They take up careers within the mineral exploration, hydrocarbon, geotechnical and environmental sectors, education and non-geological graduate jobs. Whilst the UK graduate pool is but one of many available to the global mineral exploration industry, the high caliber and skills of many of these graduates appears to remain attractive. Although Geoscience is well represented in the courses offered by Research Intensive Universities in the UK, the situation is less rosy when a similar audit of researchers in the area of Economic Geology is considered. The lack of investment in Economic Geology Research presents a challenge for UK researchers to unite and increase the profile of their science. The challenge for Mineral Exploration companies is to nurture leading academics and ensure they are valued by their institutions and governmental organizations, a side effect of this support will be a continued supply of highly qualified Geoscientist wishing to enter careers in the mineral exploration industry.

KEYWORDS: Economic Geology, Education, Research

EAN: SGA_2007_A021
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