Geological Surveys – where do they fit in the 21st Century?

AUTHORS: Earls, G.

ABSTRACT: Geological surveys grew out of the need for natural resources, driven initially by the Industrial Revolution, and have been in existence since 1835. Although originally tasked with geological mapping, they have evolved into wider spheres. The relationship between geologically driven industry, consultancy and academia has continued to develop, but with an increasing blurring of historical boundaries. The strategic development of geoscience research may be better served if each sector maintains its core ‘national’ capabilities of wealth creation (industry), education (academia) and the collection, archiving, interpretation and dissemination of Earth science data (geological surveys). Research agendas can then be strategically aligned with key drivers and involve the geoscience community. The need to better inform politicians, decision makers and the general public is fundamental to ensuring long term success for the geoscience community.

KEYWORDS: geological survey, geoscience research, outreach

EAN: SGA_2007_A018
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