The Future of University-Industry Collaboration in Ore Deposit Research — A Personal View

AUTHORS: Tosdal, R.M.

ABSTRACT: Geological research, whether completed by industry- or university-based geoscientists, plays a role in the discovery, development, and exploitation of major ore deposits. Such research defines the regional and local metallogenic setting of mineralization and generates oregenetic models that interrelate the parts of a deposit within the wider footprint of the ore-forming system. Despite the success, there are challenges to the sustainability of collaborative research. Of particular note are understanding the culture of the collaborators, communicating results in a timely manner, managing the impact of the commodity cycles, understanding of the ownership of intellectual property resulting from the research, and attracting talented geoscientists.

KEYWORDS: Research, Appreciation, Culture, Intellectual property, Communication

EAN: SGA_2007_A017
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