Future directions in exploration geophysics research and education

AUTHORS: Golden, H.

ABSTRACT: The future of research with respect to mineral exploration will be driven not by computing power or large bandwidth data acquisition systems. It will most likely not be technologically driven at all, although technical advancements will certainly be featured in research projects. Rather it will be focused by necessity on problems in search of solution. The challenge facing the prognosticator is not to predict what technologies or software will be the focus of future research, but rather the issues on which researchers will be focusing. These issues will attract funding, public interest, and consequently the imagination and efforts of researchers. The targeted research challenges will include, but not be limited to, deeper exploration for a wider range of minerals, time lapse monitoring of petroleum and mineral deposits, and the search for water resources. Further, research and where the research is carried out, will be driven by the vibrant nature, or lack of it, of the educational system in any jurisdiction. This is an area where much of the Western world would seem to be in decline, whereas other counties continue to improve. In the global economy is this a problem, or just a redistribution of expertise to less traditional sources? Only time will tell.

KEYWORDS: geophysical exploration; research; education

EAN: SGA_2007_A015
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