Mesoarchaean basement of the Witwatersrand: a possible source of the gold?

AUTHORS: Lehrmann, B., Frimmel, H.E.

ABSTRACT: First petrological and lithogeochemical data on mafic rocks, intersected in a borehole through pre-Witwatersrand basement, provide new insights into the petrogenesis of that basement, with implications on the possible source of the world’s largest known accumulation of gold. The mafic rocks are hornblende gabbro and are overlain by granite. Both are considered cogenetic and a product of fractional crystallization due to crystal settling in a 3.08 Ga volcanic arc. Arc magmatism is suggested to have contributed significantly to the gold budget in the source area of the Witwatersrand sediments.

KEYWORDS: gold genesis, Archaean, volcanic arc, Witwatersrand

EAN: SGA_2007_A004
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