Concentration of ore and industrial minerals in Central Europe: temporal, structural and sequence stratigraphic classification schemes

AUTHORS: Dill, H.G., Sachsenhofer, R.F., Grecula, P., Sasvári, T., Palinkaš, l. A., Borojević-Šoštarić S., Strmić-Palinkaš S., Prochaska, W., Garuti, G., Zaccarini, F., Arbouille, D., Schulz H.-M.

ABSTRACT: A classification of non-metallic and metallic deposits as well as energy resources has been performed for Central Europe. The Variscan metallogenesis in Central Europe outside the Alps with predominantly granitophile elements is denominated as an \"ensialic metallogenesis”, whereas the Alpine successor shows all the hallmarks of an \"ensimatic metallogenesis\". Part of the Variscan metallotect was re-activated during Alpine metallogenesis and incorporated into the Alpine metallotect. Classification schemes based on the age of formation, structure and sequence stratigraphic elements are discussed. Planar architectural elements in the various schemes such as unconformities, transgressive surfaces, flooding surfaces and sequence boundaries play a decisive role in siting ore traps and correlating mineral deposits.

KEYWORDS: ore minerals, industrial minerals, energy resources, Central Europe, classification, age of formation, structures, sequence stratigraphy

EAN: SGA_2007_A001
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