Sponsored Events



Total support to students from SGA

SGA Student Chapters18.50020.60016.50012.5007.000
SGA biennial meetings-28.490-30.000-
other SGA co-sponsored events8.3502.6003.5002.0002.000


Grants to students for SGA biennial meetings

SGA biennial meetingNo. of
students granted
No. of countries
students came from
Amount spent
in Euro
13th SGA meeting2015 - Nancy, France752328.490
12th SGA meeting2013 - Uppsala, Sweden742330.000
11th SGA meeting2011 - Antofagasta, Chile581644.800
10th SGA meeting2009 - Townsville, Australia271819.206
9th SGA meeting2007 - Dublin, Ireland422135.210
8th SGA meeting2005 - Beijing, China651327.150