Previous meetings and events sponsored and supported by SGA

Skellefte District (Field trip; 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2013). Foto: Jesus Velasco
Goldschmidt Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 2015. Foto: Jesus Velasco
Members of the Barcelona, Prague and Siberian SGA Student Chapters in the SGA booth at the 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2013. Foto: Lisard Torro-i-Abat
Members of the Barcelona Student Chapter and Prof. Gervilla during the SGA field workshop “Ultramafic Ronda & Ojén Massifs: petrology, geochemistry and Cr-Ni-PGE associated mineralizations”, 2015. Foto: Lisard Torro-i-Abat
Joanna Kolodziejczyk at a field trip to Atacama desert, Chile, 2016 - start of her PostDoc project. Foto: Joanna Kolodziejczyk
Joanna Kolodziejczyk at a field trip to Atacama desert, Chile, 2016 - start of her PostDoc project. Foto: Joanna Kolodziejczyk
Marek Tuhy at the SGA supported field trip "Geology, magmatism and metallogeny of Gorny Altai" (8th Siberial Early Geoscientist Conference, Novosibirsk, Russia, 2016). Foto: Marek Tuhy
Marek Tuhy at the 2nd EMC in Rimini, Italy, 2016. Foto: Marek Tuhy
Nino Popkhadze and Richard H. Sillitoe at the 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2013. Foto: Nino Popkhadze
Nino Popkhadze and Jonathan Lavoie at the 13th SGA Biennial Meeting, Nancy, France, 2015. Foto: Nino Popkhadze
Field trip to the KHGM mine, Polkowice, Poland, 2015. Foto: Ondrej Kratky
Field trip to the old VMS mining district, Portugal, 2014. Foto: Ondrej Kratky
Samvel Hovakimyan at the 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2013. Foto: Samvel Hovakimyan
Thomas Aiglsperger at the 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2013. Foto: Thomas Aiglsperger
11th SGA Biennial Meeting, Antofagasta, Chile, 2011. Foto: Ilya Prokopyev
Maria Cherdantseva presents the work of the SGA Siberian Student Chapter at the 12th SGA Biennial Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 2013. Foto: Maria Cherdantseva
Collaborative field trip of SGA Siberian Chapter with SGA Barcelona Student Chapter to visit ore deposits of Altai Mountains, 2016. Foto: Maria Cherdantseva

"Certainly, without the grants from SGA it would have been impossible to show my research to many other people working on my scientific discipline"

Jesus Velasco Acebes
Centro de Astrobiología CSIC-INTA
Madrid, Spain

"By supporting the SGA, you are investing in future, better prepared professionals ready to run new enviable discoveries."

Lisard Torró i Abat
Universitat de Barcelona

"I took part in two recent biennial SGA meetings in Uppsala in 2013 and Nancy in 2015 and participated in several short courses in different places in Europe, where travel expenses and fees were reduced thanks to financial support from SGA. My career development with SGA in recent years has made me very excited about my future."
Joanna Kołodziejczyk
AGH University of Science and Technology
Kraków, Poland

"Thanks to SGA I could afford to attend The 8th International Siberian Early Career GeoScientists Conference in Novosibirsk and 2nd European Mineralogical Conference in Rimini. I realized that discussion and comparison of different opinions is a integral part of future success."
Marek Tuhy
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic

"Thanks to SGA sponsors and organizations I have received travel grants several times, which gives me possibilities to participate in the SGA conferences in Australia, Sweden and France. During these conferences I was able to present my results and share ideas with specialists from different research centres of the world."

Dr. Nino Popkhadze
Al.Janelidze Institute of Geology
Of Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Tbilisi, Georgia

"Being a part of the SGA community for me, it is more than geology and deposit studying. It is mainly the networking which gives us a lot of opportunities to travel and exchange ideas and knowledge with both people from universities and industry. Now I am studying and working for an exploration company."

Ondrej Kratky
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic

"Thanks to the SGA grant I was able to participate at the 12th SGA Biennial Meeting 2013 in Sweden. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to participate in a big international conference. The participation in this conference had a pivotal role for my future scientific career. Just after the conference I applied for a Swiss Government Excellence Postdoctoral Scholarship and got that prestigious scholarship."

Dr. Samvel Hovakimyan
University of Geneva

"Without the generous help of the SGA it would have been impossible to attend three SGA biennial meetings as a PhD student. Contacts from industry and academics made during these conferences helped me to continue with interesting research projects today."

Thomas Aiglsperger
Universitat de Barcelona

“Because of significant Novosibirsk remoteness I have no possibilities for personal communication with western colleagues. Attendance at the SGA Biennial Meetings (in Chile 2011 and France 2015) provided to me the perfect opportunity for direct discussion with world-class professionals about the results in my investigations.”

Ilya Prokopyev

Novosibirsk State University

“Due to SGA support I was able to attend a lot of beneficial conferences, visit gorgeous places, and meet fantastic people and world-leading scientists. Now I collaborate with great scholars from Canada and Australia, who I met at SGA conferences thanks for SGA student travel grants. It is really important for my research work. We are very grateful for SGA support that we have chance to travel, to visit mining companies and interesting ore deposits in vicinities of our city, that we can collaborate with international students and get new knowledges and experience in our profession.”

Maria Cherdantseva

Novosibirsk State University