Best Student Oral and Poster Presentations

The SGA encourages participation of students to its Biennial meetings. The prizes are awarded based of the scientific merit and the presentation quality. The winning students receive a certificate and a prize of 250 EUR.


Zurich 2023: The 17th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best student presentations:

    • Diogo Ribeiro Metal and ligand mobility during prograde metamorphism of metasedimentary belts in the Superior Province: Implications for gold endowment
    • Olivia Mejías Exploration of indium in sulfidic mine waste and acid mine drainage environments
    • Yann Mpaka Waku Pyrite analysis enhanced by dimensionality reduction: investigating texture, trace elements, and sulphur isotope signatures in the Kibali gold district, DRC
    • Margarita Melfou In-situ trace element analyses of pyrite from the Pefka epithermal Cu-Au-Te-In-Se deposit, Rhodope, Northern Greece

  •  Best student posters

    • Bastien Audran Serpentinization of the Ronda Massif (Spain): structural control and fluid origin, a framework for metal mobility
    • Ivana Carcamo Valencia Cobalt-rich manganese nodules in Pliocene marine deposits of the onshore forearc Pisco Basin, Peru


Glasgow 2019: The 15th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best student presentations:

    • Laura Petrella: Naturally occurring Au nanoparticles associated with high-grade mineralization at the world-class Callie deposit, Northern Territory, Australia. 
    • Sibele Nascimento: Geoenvironmental characterisation of the King River Delta: A combined geophysical, geochemical and mineralogical approach.
    • Willem Kruger: Field and geochemical constraints on the origin of massive magnetite layers of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa.

  •  Best student posters

    • Marion Grosjean: In-situ Cu-isotope systematics of the Copperbelt (DRC, Zambia): variations in different scales.
    • Mónica Ágreda López: Characterization of serpentinites in Tlima and Antioquia (Colombia): analyzing their CO2 sequestering potential through carbonation processes.
    • Olga N. Filimonova: The state of platinum in pyrrhotite studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy of synthetic crystals.


Québec 2017: The 14th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best student presentations:

    • Chris Voisey: The Silver Bullet: Ag isotope systematics in native gold from the central Victorian goldfields, Australia. 
    • Marek Tuhý: Mineralogy of smelter- and mining-derived particles in semi-arid soils and their potential mobilization during wildfires.
    • Matthew Polivchuk: The formation of vanadium deposits of the Archean Bell River Complex, Québec, Canada: Insights from Fe-Ti oxide chemistry.

  •  Best student posters

    • Júlia Farré de Pablo: PGE mobility and PGM neoformation by low-temperature hydrothermal fluids - evidence from uvarovite-bearing chromitites in the Dominican Republic.
    • Thomas Belgrano: A new volcanic map for VMS exploration in the Oman ophiolite based on field, geochemical and aeromagnetic data.
    • Caio De Mello: U-Pb geochronology of the igneous rocks associated to the Rio Tinto VMS deposit.


Nancy 2015: The 13th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best student presentations:

    • Rebecca Strachan: Gold mineralization during progressive deformation along the Ashanti Belt: Wassa Mine, Ghana. 
    • Maria Teresa Bellver Baca: High Sr/Y magmas and porfyry-type deposits: what is the role of timescales of magmatic processes?
    • Vikraman Selvaraja: Sulfur sources in the Glenburg Orogenic gold deposit.

  •  Best student posters

    • Diodac Navarro-Ciurana: Geochemical evidences and heat-transport simulations for warm fluid involvment in the formation of Riopar MVT deposit (Prebetic Basin, SE Spain).
    • Matthew Brzozowski: Variation in vein mineralogy and mineral chemismy arend the Marathon Cu-PGE deposit, Ontario: insights into the development of an exploration tool.


Uppsala 2013: The 12th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best student presentations:

    • Pedro Acosta-Gongora: Trace element geochemistry of magmatite and its relationship to mineralization in the Great Bear magmatic zone, NWT, Canada. 
    • Michael Tucker: Geology, alteration and mineralization of the Conrad Zone, Yukon Territory – a new Carlin-type gold discovery.
    • Koen Torremans: Structural analysis and distribution of layer-parallel veins at the Nkana stratiform Cu-Co deposit, Zambia.

  •  Best student posters

    • Emily Firth: Mesozoic quartz-vein hosted Au (Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu) mineralization at the Mineral de Talca, Coastal range, Chile: the role of felsic intrusives.
    • Dora Kavecsanszki: Magma mingling between sulfide-rich and carbonatite magmas to form a multi-commodity metal deposit: reconstruction using QEMSCAN® analysis.


Antofagasta 2011: The 11th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best student presentations:

    • Yongjun Lu: New types of porphyry Cu (Au-Mo) mineral systems of Eastern Tibetan Plareau in western Yunna: compositional characteristics, sources, and exploration implications for continental collision metallogeny implications for continental.
    • Flavia C. Braga: The BIF-bearing sequence from Morro Escuro Ridge, Santa Maria de Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil: main petrographic and geochemical characteristics.
    • Mattew McGloin: Mid-crustal anorogenic granite magmatism at Mt Isa: a spatial and geochemical study, and potential links to Mesoproterozoic U-REE deposits.
    • Carolina Moreto: In situ LA-ICPMS U-Pb zircon dating of the host rocks of the Sossego and Bacaba iron oxide-copper-gold deposits, Carajas Mineral Province, Brazil.

  •  Best student posters

    • Therese Bejgarn: The Algtrask Au+-Cu deposit, northern Sweden: a Palaeoproterozoic porphyry-related hydrothermal system?
    • Edward Spencer: Molybdenum transposr and mineralization at the El Teniente Cu-Mo porphyry deposit, Chile.


Townsville 2009: The 10th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best Student Presentations

    • Kathryn Kitney, Gema Olivo, Don Davis, Jean-Philippe Desrochers, André Tessier: Structural, mineralogical, geochemical and geochronological investigation of the Barry Gold Deposit, Abitibi Subprovince, Canada: Precisely dated greenstone-hosted mineralization coeval with late archean deformation and magmatism
    • Maarten Haest, Philippe Muchez, Frank Vanhaecke: The influence of supergene reworking on variations in the Cu isotopic composition in the Dikulushi Cu-Ag derposit (DRC)
    • Irina Tretjakova, Alexander S. Borisenko, Vadimir I. Lebedev, Evgeniy A. Naumov: The hydrothermal cobalt deposits of Altay-Sayan fold area: Age and relationships with magmatism

  • Best Student Posters

    • Michelle Deakin, Georges Beaudoin, Michel Malo: Metallogeny of the Pb-Zn-Ag-Au Nicholas-Denys deposit, Canada: a deformed pyrrhotite-rich SEDEX deposit
    • Yanbo Cheng, Jingwen Mao: Preliminary study on the Geochronology of the host rocks of the Supergiant Gejiu Tin Deposit, SW China
    • Kimberly A. Casey: Proposed methodology for detection of geochemical species on glaciers


Dublin 2007: The 9th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best Student Presentation

    • Joaquin Perona et al. : Origin of diapir-related Zn-Pb deposits in the Basque-Cantabrian Basin (Northern Spain)

  • Best Student Poster

    • Irina Tretjakova et al. : New data on mineral composition of ores, zonality and age of cobalt deposits in Altai-Sayan Orogenic Area


Beijing 2005: The 8th SGA Biennial meeting

  • Best Student Presentation(ex-aqueo)

    • Pang Kwan Nang et al. : Fe-Ti-V oxide mineralization in the Permian Panhihua Gabbro, Emeishan large igneous province, SW China
    • Karen M. Volp : The Estrela copper deposit, Carajas, Brazil: Geology and implications of a Proterozoic copper stockwork

  • Best Student Poster

    • Seitjadji Lukas Donny et al. : Evolution of Cenozoic arcs in East Java (Sunda Arc, Indonesia), high Sr/Y magmatism, and melt controls on metallogeny

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The awardees for best student presentations and posters at the 17th SGA Biennial Meeting, Zurich, Switzerland. Front row (from left to right): Gulcan Bozkaya, Jeff Hedenquist, Olivia Mejías, Ivana Carcamo Valencia, Diogo Ribeiro, Margarita, Melfou. Back row (from left to right): Bastian Audran, Sven Petersen, Jochen Kolb, Yann Mpaka Waku, Jeff Mauk, Sam Spinks, Anna Vymazalová, Dan Gregory, Thomas Aiglsperger.
The awardees for best student presentations and posters at the 14th SGA Biennial Meeting, Québec, Canada
Presentation of Student Awards during the Closing Ceremony of the 13th SGA Biennial and 50. Anniversary Meeting in Nancy, France 2015 (from left to right: A. Vymazalová – Chair, Conference Student Committee, J. Relvas – SGA Vice-President, four student winners: D. Navarro-Ciurana, R. Strachan, M. T. Bellver Baca, V. Selvaraja, J. Kolb – Council member, A. Cheilletz – member, Conference Student Committee). Photo by Patrick Lagrange.
Dublin 2007: Joaquin (right) receiving his award from SGA's President Hartwig Frimmel (2nd left), Student Rep. Anna Vymazalova and Jorge Relvas (left)
Dublin 2007: Irina receiving her award from SGA's President Hartwig Frimmel, Student Rep. Anna Vymazalova and Jorge Relvas (left to right)