SGA-KGHM Krol Medal

SGA launches a new award for recognizing service to the Society: the SGA-KGHM Krol Medal

Jan Pašava, SGA Executive Secretary, Czech Geological Survey, Geologická 6, 15200 Praha 5, Czech Republic,

Georges Beaudoin, SGA President, Université Laval, 1065, avenue de la Médecine, Quebéc, Canada,

The objective of this new award is to recognize outstanding service to the Society. The medal is to be awarded to worthy candidates at SGA Biennial Meetings and also on ad hoc basis.

The medal is named after Gerardus L. Krol (1912-1984) who played a key role in the foundation and development of the Society. Particularly during the years of 1965 to 1969 G.L. Krol consistently displayed all his talents and communicated his strong enthusiasm and his clear vision of the future to the small group that was to be the Provisional Executive Committee of SGA. This group gathered for the first time on April 23, 1965, in Heidelberg to launch Mineralium Deposita and to found the Society. He was unanimously asked to preside over the Provisional Executive Committee. Those who participated in this venture will not forget the meetings of this Committee where a heavy agenda was rapidly and efficiently dealt with under his humorous, energetic, and clear guidance (Schneider 1984). Thanks to his sense of diplomacy, good relations were soon established with other organizations like the IUGS. Once the Society was officially formed, Dr. Gerardus L. Krol was elected its first President, a well-deserved honor, given the efforts and the time, which he had devoted to it. So it is most appropriate to establish this new award to recognize service to the SGA in the name of one of its founder, and first president.

The SGA-KGHM Krol Medal is minted from three troy ounces of pure silver. The medal is slightly oval in shape. The face of the medal shows a portrait of G.L. Krol, whereas the reverse shows the logos of the SGA and KGHM (Figure 1). We sincerely thank the Krol family for permission to name this prestigious award after G.L. Krol.

The SGA-KGHM Krol Medal has been awarded for the first time, in presence of the Krol family, during the Opening Ceremony of the 50th SGA Anniversary Meeting on August 24, 2015 in Nancy, France.

Fig. 1. Sketch of the SGA-KGHM Krol Medal.

Schneider, H. (1984): In Memoriam: Gerardus L. Krol, 12 October 1912-8 May 1984. Mineralium Deposita, 19, 4, 322.

Click here to download the nomination form: >>doc; >>pdf

Previous awardees

2023Fernando Tornos
2022Jorge Relvas
2019David Leach
2017Maurice Pagel
2015Francis Saupé

How to Nominate

To ensure consideration by the SGA Council, use the "SGA-KGHM Krol Medal Nomination Form" (Deadline: March 31 of the year of the next upcoming SGA biennial meeting). Include the following:

  1. Name of candidate. 
  2. Address of candidate. 
  3. A brief summary of the candidate's education (academic record) 
  4. A summary of the candidate´s contribution to SGA.
  5. Name of person making nomination.
  6. Names of three supporters that will be writing letters of support. 

Candidates representing each of the three components of SGA membership-- industry, government, and academia-- are solicited.

Members of the Society are urged to participate in this important process by nominating outstanding candidates for this prestigious honor. A nomination MUST BE SUPPORTED by signed letters from three SGA Members. Supporting letters may be attached to the nomination form or sent separately to the SGA Executive Secretary. The deadline for receipt of the nominations by the Committee is March 31 of the year of the next upcoming SGA biennial meeting. Nominations and supporting letters should be sent to the SGA Executive Secretary.

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SGA Executive Secretary

Dr. Jan Pašava
Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits
Czech Geological Survey
Klárov 131/3
118 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Tel. ++420-251085506, Fax ++420-251818748
Email: secretary(at)e-sga.orgjan.pasava(at)
with a copy to Chair Award Committee
Dr. Iain Pitcairn
Department of Geological Sciences
Stockholm University
Svante Arrhenius väg 8
SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel. ++46 (0)704627971
Email: iain.pitcairn(at)