Best Paper Award

The Mineralium Deposita Best Paper Award is granted for the best paper published in the Journal in the two years preceding the SGA Biennial Meetings. This award is decided jointly by the editors, with input from the editorial board. The award consists of a certificate, 1500 Euro and travel expenses for the first author to get the award

Previous awards


Mansur ET, Barnes S-J, Duran CJ. (2021). An overview of chalcophile element contents of pyrrhotite, pentlandite, chalcopyrite, and pyrite from magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposits. Mineralium Deposita 56: 179-204



Mueller, AG, Hagemann, SG, McNaughton NJ, (2020) Neoarchean orogenic, magmatic and hydrothermal events in the Kalgoorlie-Kambalda area, Western Australia: constraints on gold mineralization in the Boulder Lefroy-Golden Mile fault system. Mineralium Deposita, Volume 55, pages 633-663.

The citation and acceptance statements for this award can be seen here.


Rottier B, Kouzmanov K, Casanova V, Bouvier A-S, Baumgartner LP, Wälle M, Fontboté L (2018) Mineralized breccia clasts: a window into hidden porphyry-type mineralization underlying the epithermal polymetallic deposit of Cerro de Pasco (Peru). Mineralium Deposita, Volume 53, pages 919-946.


Hartwig E. Frimmel, Hennigh Q (2015): First whiffs of atmospheric oxygen triggered onset of crustal gold cycle, Mineralium Deposita Volume 50, pages 5–23.


Wolfgang D. Maier, Barnes SJ, Groves DI (2013): The Bushveld Complex, South Africa: formation of platinum–palladium, chrome- and vanadium-rich layers via hydrodynamic sorting of a mobilized cumulate slurry in a large, relatively slowly cooling, subsiding magma chamber, Mineralium Deposita, Volume 48, pages 1–56.


Cornel de Ronde, Massoth G, Butterfield D, Christenson B, Ishibashi J, Ditchburn R, Hammimgton M, Brathwaite R, Lupton J, Kamenetsky V, Graham I, Zellmer G, Dziak R, Embley R, Dekov V, Munnik F, Lahr J, Evans L, Takai K (2011): Submarine hydrothermal activity and gold-rich mineralization at Brothers Volcano, Kermadec Arc, New Zealand, Mineralium Deposita, Volume 46, pages 541–584.


Hiroyasu Murukami, Seo JH, Heinrich CA (2010): The relation between Cu/Au ratio and formation depth of porphyry-style Cu-Au±Mo deposits, Mineralium Deposita, Volume 45, pages 11–21.


Reich M, Palacios C, Parada MA, Fehn U, Cameron EM, Leybourne MI, Zuniga A (2008): Atacamite formation by deep saline waters in copper deposits from the Atacama Desert, Chile: evidence from fluid inclusions, groundwater geochemistry, TEM, and 36Cl data. Mineralium Deposita, Volume 43, Pages 663–675.


Ross R. McGowan, Stephen Roberts, Adrian J. Boyce AJ, (2006): Origin of the Nchanga copper-cobalt deposits of the Zambian Copperbelt, Mineralium Deposita, Volume 40,  Pages 617–638.


Werner E. Halter, Christoph A. Heinrich, Thomas Pettke (2005): Magma evolution and the formation of porphyry Cu-Au ore fluids: evidence from silicate and sulfide melt inclusions, Mineralium Deposita, Volume 39, Pages 845–863.


Jorge M. Relvas, Colombo C. Tassinari, José Munha, Fernando J. Barriga (2001): Multiple sources for ore-forming fluids in the Neves Corvo VHMS Deposit of the Iberian Pyrite Belt (Portugal): strontium, neodymium and lead isotope evidence, Mineralium Deposita, Volume 36, Pages 416–427.


F. Melcher, W. Grum, T. V. Thalhammer, O. A. R. Thalhammer (1999): The giant chromite deposits at Kempirsai, Urals: constraints from trace element (PGE, REE) and isotope data, Mineralium Deposita, Volume 34, Pages 250–272.


H. J. Stein, K. Sundblad, R. J. Markey, J. W. Morgan, G. Motuza (1998): Re-Os ages for Archean molybdenite and pyrite, Kuittila-Kivisuo, Finland and Proterozoic molybdenite, Kabeliai, Lithuania: testing the chronometer in a metamorphic and metasomatic setting, Mineralium Deposita, Volume 33, Pages 329–345.

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The Mineralium Deposita Best paper award for 2023 awards for papers published between 2021 and 2022 is presented to Eduardo Mansur at the 17th SGA Biennial Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland. From left to right - Georges Beaudoin, Eduardo Mansur, David Banks and Jan Pasava
Presentation of the Award for the best paper in Mineralium Deposita during the Opening Ceremony of the 15th SGA Biennial Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, UK (from left to right: J. Pašava – SGA Executive Secretary, B. Rottier - awardee, K. Kelley (SGA President) and B. Lehmann – Chief Editor MD, European Office). Photo by D. Drummond.
Presentation of the Best Paper Award
Presentation of the Award for the best paper in Mineralium Deposita during the Opening Ceremony of the 13th SGA Biennial and 50. Anniversary Meeting in Nancy, France 2015 (from right to left: B. Lehmann – Chief Editor MD, European Office, D. Groves – on behalf of recipients of the award, G. Beaudoin – SGA President and Chief Editor MD, North American Office and J. Pašava – SGA Executive Secretary). Photo by Patrick Lagrange.
H. Murukami accepting the award 2011.