In the mid-1960s economic geology was a fast growing discipline and there was a need for increased international cooperation and scientific exchange, by meetings, publications and joint activities. Prof. A. Bernard (France) who became the first Secretary of the Society described the origin of the Society in the first issue of Mineralium Deposita: "The nucleus of a Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (S.G.A.) was formed about a first working group which met at Heidelberg in June 1965, to form of a Provisional Executive Committee. Within a few months the Statutes were designed, contact was established with the Society of Economic Geologists in view of a close cooperation, providing a similar scope for the two Societies. Also a periodical MINERALIUM DEPOSITA, was selected and its distribution promoted, as a means to make known the creation of the new Society, its objectives, its function, and its structure. The Provisional Executive Committee of the Society consisted of the following members:

  • G. L. Krol – President
  • P. Ramdohr – Honorary President
  • A.Maucher – Vice-President
  • A.Bernard – Secretary
  • J.Ottemann – Treasurer
  • G.C.Amstutz – Chief editor

The new Society was scheduled to be formally established at the International Geological Congress in 1968 in Prague, but when the Congress was interrupted by invasion of Soviet troups, the constituent assembly had to be postponed. This was held the following year, on May 26 1969 in Vichy, France and the Society was legally incorporated in Switzerland in 1971 with its statutes in English, French and German.

For more information, read the SGA News, v. 19 no. 1.

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Early talks on the foundation of the SGA. The meeting was held in Professor Amstutz's office at the University of Heidelberg on 19./20. June 1965. Sitting (from left) A. Maucher, Lombard, P. Routhier, P. Ramdohr, G.L. Krol; standing: A. Bernard and C. Amstutz.