Temporal and spatial distribution of magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE, Cr, and Fe-Ti-V deposits in the Bird River–Uchi–Oxford-Stull–La Grande-Eastmain superdomain: a new metallotect within the Superior Province

AUTHORS: M.G. Houlé, C.M. Lesher, R.T. Metsaranta, J. Goutier, H.P. Gilbert, V. McNicoll

ABSTRACT: Cr and Fe-Ti-V mineralization in ultramafic-mafic intrusions is known from several areas of the Superior province, but was considered to be of marginal significance until the discovery of world-class Cr deposits and potentially significant Fe-Ti-V mineralization in the McFaulds Lake greenstone belt ("Ring of Fire" area) of northern Ontario. Ni-Cu-(PGE), Cr-PGE, and Fe-Ti-V deposits/occurrences in the northern part of the Superior Province occur predominantly within Neo-archean supracrustal successions along the margins and within the interiors of the Bird River–Uchi–Oxford-Stull– LaGrande–Eastmain domains (BUOGE “superdomain”). This superdomain defines a major Cr-Ni-Cu-PGE-V metallotect that appears to be fundamentally different from other parts of the Superior Province, such as the Abitibi greenstone belt or the apparently relatively unmineralized North Caribou core, Island Lake, and Goudalie domains. Detailed studies of the tectonic, volcanic, and petrogenetic settings of key areas of the BUOGE superdomain are in progress and should provide light on why this metallotect is so different from those in the southern part of the Superior Province.

KEYWORDS: chromite, nickel, Superior Province, Oxford-Stull, LaGrande-Eastmain, Bird River

EAN: SGA_2013_A253
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