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Origin and evolution of fluids associated with the Cerro Quema Au-Cu deposit (Azuero Peninsula, Panama): evidence from microthermometry, O, H and S isotopes

AUTHORS: Isaac Corral, Esteve Cardellach, Mercè Corbella, Àngels Canals, Craig A. Johnson

ABSTRACT: The Cerro Quema Au-Cu deposit is located in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama. Although the geology of the area is not well known recent studies have only focused on the economic potential of gold. In the present work, mineralogical, fluid inclusion and stable isotope data are presented in order to understand the origin and evolution of the hydrothermal system of this Au-Cu deposit. Secondary fluid inclusions in magmatic quartz phenocrysts have an average homogenization temperature (Th) of 205°C and ice melting temperatures (Tmi) are around -1.2°C. δ18O values of the fluid in equilibrium with vuggy silica at 250ºC range from +1.5 to +9.1‰. δ18O values of the fluid in equilibrium with kaolinite range from -5.70 to 14.07‰. The high δ34S values of alunite (≈+17‰) together with the negative values of coexisting pyrite and enargite (

EAN: SGA_2011_A058
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