Metal zonation in the world-class Gejiu Sn-Cupolymetallic deposit, SW China

AUTHORS: Yanbo Cheng, Jingwen Mao, Brian Rusk

ABSTRACT: The Gejiu Sn-Cu polymetallic deposits comprise the largest Sn ore district in the world. The metal association within ore deposits within the Gejiu district are zoned upward and outward from granitic central zones. Generally, W+Be+Bi deposits lie in the granite interior; Sn+Cu-dominated deposits lie at the margin between granites and the host limestones; and Pb+Zn deposits occur distally in the surrounding limestone host rocks. We conclude that this zoning pattern results from temperature decrease as the fluid progresses up and out from its magmatic source region.

KEYWORDS: eology, meal zonation, Gejiu Sn-Cu deposit, SW China

EAN: SGA_2011_A031
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